Teacher Feature

Osagie_Winifred244An Interview with new teacher, Mrs. Osagi
Interview by Sarah K. & Jenna C.
  • Before BCDS: Mrs. Osagi worked in Greenwich and taught 7th grade science and also taught in the Greenwich Public School system.
  • Other Job: Works on Saturdays in Fall at Horizons.
  • Family: Mrs. Osagi has three stepchildren: One 12th grader, David in the 10th grade and Jemima in the 7th grade.
  • Favorite food: Chicken.
  • Favorite sport: Tennis.
  • Free time: Reading, fly fishing, bird watching.
  • The reason why Mrs. Osagi decided to come to BCDS: She didn’t know about it until she interviewed for the job with Mrs. Haron. She loved the tiles because of the dedication and felt that the school was “close to G-d.”
  • Favorite subject: Science; she was born on Earth Day, so she loves science.
  • If she could have any other job it would be: Nursing.