Poetry Corner

Stars: An Original Poem
By: Rebecka G.

The little balls of gas
Shining in all its brilliance
Millions of lightyears away

Billions of them
Each a possibility
A soul

Taunting you to get to them
But when you seem so close
They pass on

Then new stars are born
Each a possibility
That might be closer than before



Shadows: An Original Poem
By: Rebecka G.

They are always with you
Attached to you, even

They grow with you
Until the end
What do they do when you’re gone

Maybe they become creatures of the night
Waiting for your return
But till you come
They terrorize others

Out of jealousy
Waiting for someone
To take them back to you

But it never happens
Heard of the creature under the bed
Only a simply shadow, waiting
Jealous of the younger shadow

Only wanting you
To be once again
A shadow.



Fall Scene (Photo by Isabella K.)

Fall is Here: An Original Poem by Jenna C. and Sarah K.

Leaves are falling
The trees are bare
The smell of pumpkin pie
Fills the air.
Kids fill the streets
With candy in their hands
Peoples schedules
Are filled with autumn plans.
Walking down the street
I step on crunchy leaves
While my hair blows in the wind
I feel goosebumps on my knees.
The temperature changes
Throughout the town
Everyone gets ready for fall
As the warmth slows down.