The dress code for girls includes a white top and a skirt. Photo by Andrew JB

Let’s Reconsider the Dress Code for Girls
By Sarah K. and Jenna C.

We believe that the dress code is unfair because it affects girls much more directly than the boys in this school. Essentially, the only requirement boys have to fulfill are to wear kippahs and blue slacks along with their dress-code collared shirts. However, girls must wear skirts and these skirts must be below their their knees at all times. Girls are often judged by the length of their skirts and sometimes it seems that when girls walk into the lunch room, the administration looks at our knees instead of our faces. Also, we think girls should get a warning before we get an infraction.


Boys are allowed to wear comfortable pants and along with their dress code shirt and kippah. (Photo by Andrew JB)

Another aspect about the dress code that we dislike is having to wear “dress code” sweatshirts (these are sweatshirts of a certain color only). We have to pay more money to buy sweatshirts that we’re only going to wear in school because we are not allowed to wear what we already own. We think being able to wear whatever sweatshirt you want to wear is important because other schools are allowed to wear whatever sweatshirts they like even if they have a dress code in place. In the winter, it gets really cold and some parents don’t have the time to buy brand-new sweatshirts. We strongly believe that teachers should be more lenient with the dress code.










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