Let’s Reconsider the Dress Code for Girls
By Sarah K. and Jenna C.

We believe that the dress code is unfair because it affects girls much more than the boys. The only thing boys have to do are wear kippahs and blue slacks along with their dress-code collared shirts, but girls have to make sure their skirts are below their their knees at all times. When girls walk into the lunch room, the administration looks at our knees instead of our faces. Also, we think girls should get a warning before we get an infraction. Another thing we dislike about the dress code is having to wear dress code sweatshirts. We have to pay more money to buy sweatshirts that we’re only going to wear in school because we are not allowed to wear what we already own. We think being able to wear whatever sweatshirt you want to wear is important because other schools are allowed to wear whatever sweatshirts they like even if they have a dress code in place. In the winter, it gets really cold and some parents don’t have the time to buy brand-new sweatshirts. We just think that teachers should be more lenient with the dress code. Those are some things we would like to change about the dress code in the school.

Students Need More Playing Time and Space for Sports
Editorial by Anna L.

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, there are a few things that I would like to change to make the school a better place for all students. One important change is that I would like to see the change of the addition of more games per sport as well as a better field. I played was on the BCDS Bobcats basketball team and the girls team got less games then the boys. Also, the Ultimate Frisbee team only played two actual Ultimate Frisbee games before the season ended. Both of these teams should have been given more opportunities for competitive games and it would have added to a more complete season. Also the home field is quite small. The field isn’t regulation for a soccer field or an Ultimate Frisbee game. Despite the fact that it’s small, this limited space also needs to be shared between all of these sports.

Parents pay tuition and that includes the opportunity to compete against other schools and have a good physical education. Not providing kids with a field to play on makes it harder for them to achieve that dream. If you also combine that with the fact that multiple sports only have around three games per season (on average), it seems like there is a lot of wasted opportunity.

Not having a large field and sports program can also lead to kids becoming lethargic and not energetic to play. If you want to play baseball while a football game is going on, this can be annoying and then you wouldn’t want to play. This problem happens a surprisingly a lot during recess which is annoying when you want to play a different sport that is occupying the one field.

It could also lead to kids being energetic in school. Kids need to get out excess energy during recess or after school and playing in a sport is the perfect outlet to release this physical activity. Students will naturally become antsy (enter the now-banned fidget spinner) and we need more playing time and space to release this energy.


Girls are Just as Equal as Boys
By: Celia B., Isabella K., Lucy N., Noa H., and Tamar R.

For centuries, girls have never been treated unfairly. These actions are still going on. People think that these issues are in the past, but in reality, girls face challenges in everyday life due to their gender.

“At my school I am only allowed to play sports with the boys every other day because apparently we are not ‘good enough’ to play the game all week. We also are ‘too annoying’ because we are girls,” says a girl in sixth grade.

In basketball leagues, there are always boys on one team and girls on another. There are also separate teams in professional sports, and women teams are less followed and cared about. If you look at the stands in the NBA leagues, the tickets are all sold out. If you try to get a ticket for the WNBA, it is really easy. You could even get the ticket the day before. Lacrosse is another sexist sport. It is sexist because there are different rules for girls and boys games that don’t allow girls to do the same things in games, the boys are allowed to hit their opponent’s body, but for the girls lacrosse they are only allowed to touch each others sticks.   

“The boys and girls in my school have gym class separately, but when we have gym together, the boys always get to go outside and the girls are always stuck inside.”

“When it’s raining, the boys get the gym and we need to do yoga in the Multi-Purpose Room or we need to do it inside. I’m sick of them complaining about how unfair it is when every day we have gym together, we need to stay inside,” two girls object.

Women have only been allowed to vote in the United States since 1920 with the 14th amendment. Women are also capable of ruling. An example, is that in England, Theresa May is currently the Prime Minister.  Also, Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany.

Why is that, till this day, women don’t get payed the same amount of money for the same jobs as men?  On average, For every $0.79 a woman earns, a man earns $1. Both women and men work to support their families, but women get payed less.

Hopefully, in the near future, women will finally be equal to men and not thought of as not as worthy.


TerraNovas Testing: What is the Point? A Student Perspective
By Naomi H.

Why do we need TerraNovas? Do they really count for anything? I believe that the answer would be NO! Many students get stressed over taking the TerraNovas, but in reality they really don’t count toward a grade and  don’t affect students’ grades in any way. TerraNovas may be a are more a reference that a test. Even if you get a bad grade on the test it doesn’t matter. The general consensus from most students is that the TerraNovas don’t really matter to general grades.
Allison Y. said, “I think there is a point to them. It isn’t a good point but they must give them to us for a reason.”
Jenna C. said, “TerraNovas are annoying because they mess up the schedule. They also get people nervous.”
Nicole P. agreed, “TerraNovas are annoying and pointless.”
Abigail T. and Shira C. said, “If no one looks at them and the teachers say they don’t matter, then we shouldn’t have the unneeded stress.”
Celia B. disagreed: “There is a point to TerraNovas; we have them for a reason.”
“Since no student can actually communicate why we are given the TerraNovas, then perhaps we should rethink why we actually give them to students each year.”


Teens Need More Sleep
By Justin B.

It’s hard for the average teen to complete a full-day’s schedule with the current school start time. In order for a teenage body to develop, a teen needs 9.25 hours of sleep nightly. If a teen falls asleep at 9:35 p.m., then the teen would just enough sleep if they woke up at 6:50 a.m. The wake-up time of 6:50 is fairly early, however with homework, projects, and activities, an average teen would have to get into bed at 10:00 p.m. and then fall asleep around 15 minutes later. Considering the bus arrives at 8:35 a.m. and it takes the student 45 minutes to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, and get to the bus stop, the teen would wake up at 6:50 a.m. This accounts for 8 hours of sleep, exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes under the recommended time. Only a few of the luckier students would get a late bus time and not much homework. If teens were able to start school about 1.25 hours later, they would be more well-rested and prepared for the school day.


The LGBTQ+ Stigma
By Rachel O.

Boys wearing makeup. Girls playing football. These are two out of the many examples of things that society finds strange. When boys wear makeup, people automatically assume things that may not be true about them. Many people don’t realize that makeup and fashion items don’t have a specific gender. Though lipstick and skirts are often branded towards girls, there’s nothing to stop boys from purchasing these items. That is, if you do not include society. When people do things that are slightly out of the norm, we treat is as sin instead of accepting them. Many times, people who are outside the box are taught to hate themselves for liking things that other people aren’t used to.

Another thing that many parts of society refuse to accept is the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. Many kids who fall under this ‘category’ are bullied and told that something is wrong with them, almost as if it’s a disease. There is a common saying that says, “If I had a dollar for every gender there is, I would have two dollars.” Not only does this turn people into numbers but it creates the idea that there are two boxes and people who don’t fit into either are imperfect. There are many examples of genders besides male and female such as bi-gender, demi-gender, and non-binary. There are many people who don’t fit into lines of society. These people are constantly being told that their gender is invalid and fake. One of the saddest things is that other people use it just to gain attention.

A common misconception concerning gender identity is the difference between sex and gender. Sex is commonly known as a person’s biological gender, not their gender identity. Gender is normally gender identity, or what the person strongly believes that they are. But this isn’t all just a game of pretend. Many people get surgeries and take hormones to become the gender they believe they were meant to be.

People have also gained the idea that you’re either gay or straight while there is so much more. Compared to gay, lesbian, and bisexual, there are many things that become more pin-point. There are many types of sexualities such as pansexual (not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity) and polysexual (feels attraction to most or several genders). When a person’s sexuality is less known that does not mean they should be made fun of for it. Sexuality is a very sore subject for some members of the LGBTQ+ community and many people are not comfortable with what they identify as.

No one should be made fun of for gender expression, sexuality, or gender identity. However, many people still get bullied for their gender/sexual orientation. These people are being victimized for something they cannot control, which is awful. No one should ever feel ashamed for who they are, however many people end up feeling that way. Many people in the LGBTQ+ community become depressed because of the treatment they receive from school peers. Bullying is an insidious, constant feature of life at most schools and it needs to ended. Can our generation be the ones up to this task? I certainly hope so.


Look Beyond the Stereotypes For the Real Person
By Rachel O.

There’s a stereotype around almost everything and everyone who you meet. Most of the time, these stereotypes end up as false or exaggerated. Stereotypes make it necessary for people to meet the positive stereotypes and overcome the negative images. For example, Asian people are told that they’re smart and that makes them work hard and expect more out of themselves. Some Asians may believe that they so not meet up to societal expectations and it often makes them feel like they’re not good enough. African-Americans are often portrayed in some very disturbing ways and these negative stereotypes can sometimes affect how they are treated by law enforcement. People get stereotyped for everything and no one enjoys having this burden on them — yet everyone struggles with it. Society puts these stereotypes on people, expecting not to get any back. We’re stereotyped mostly for things we cannot control. We can’t control what skin tone we have or how old we are yet people still stereotype them. We are given a box of what we can be and we have to squeeze into it. We are all guilty of stereotyping people at some point and we have all been put in a position where we have to defend ourselves from negative stereotypes — it is our mission to find the end of stereotypes and achieve it.


Why I Marched in Washington: A Student’s Experience
By Lucy N.

The Women’s March in Washington, D.C. took place on Sunday, January 21st, taking place a day following the presidential inauguration. The general purpose of the march was to maintain the need for women’s rights on a governmental level. Currently, you may be thinking “what rights do men have that women don’t have,” well women don’t get to choose what they get to do with their bodies (the lawmakers who make up these laws tend to be mainly men) and they don’t get make as much in salary as men dollar for dollar. But there is still so many more things like real laws. Amazingly enough, there were more than 408 marches around the world with 4.8 billion women, men, and children walking around and holding signs. It was an incredible experience to participate in the march along with my mom;  I had a sign that on one side said, “*and though she be but little, she is fierce” and the other side it said “marching for my future” with a heart and a peace sign under it. I am hoping that the people in power listen to us and make sure that all women are represented in the government.

*This is from a line from William Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


Why Girls Should Be Incorporated into Daily Tefilla
By: Sophie Y. and Lilah S.

Imagine this: boys and girls joining together during brachot (blessings) to form perfect harmony. Unfortunately, in the daily BCDS Tefilla, that is not the case.

Boys lead Tefilla, while girls are forced to follow along. This stimulates very negative feelings towards davening in many of the girls’ minds. If BCDS incorporated the girls more into the daily prayers, they would participate more enthusiastically. Sexism is a very big issue in the world, and even one little act in a school’s Beit Midrash could start to promote change throughout the world. Girls should be able to lead Tefilla with the boys in order to eliminate sexism and promote gender equality.


Art Should Remain in 8th Grade Schedule
By Sophie Y.

Many kids love art, but what would happen if you took that away from them? At BCDS, none of the 8th graders have art as a class anymore. Not only is art a hobby of many people, but it’s a way for kids to express themselves. Kids can show and find talent that they might not have known they had. Kids can learn drawing skills that will help them later in on life.


Why We Need New Books for the Matmid Program
Lilah S.

In Bi-Cultural Day School, there are two thriving programs for learning Judaic Studies, which include the Mesorah program and the Matmid (Torah) program. Students are able to choose which program they are allowed to participate in, giving them the best possible way to learn. The Mersorah program thrives on using modern methods to learn Torah, while the Matmid programs sticks to the book. However, the books don’t last forever. What would happen if the books were too worn to learn from?
The school should supply new books to the Matmid program to encourage the amount of students excited to learn. Let’s be honest, nobody really wants to learn from a beat-up book with ripped pages and scribbles on the words. Unfortunately, that is what the Matmid program has to learn from everyday, which makes students uninterested in the content of the books. Mark Crocker states in an article by the Huffington Post, “Our brains are wired to process images faster than words. When we see an image, it makes us feel something.” Crocker is stating that at first impression, people think about images more than words, which show that students will be able to know right away whether they would like to read a book based on the cover. If BCDS supplied new books, the students in the Matmid program would be more interested in what they are about to read, resulting in better test grades.

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