About the BCDS Times/Staff Bios

The BCDS Times is the student-run newspaper site for the Bi-Cultural Day School. BCDS roving reporters meet weekly in their newspaper elective and collect news and information on all parts of BCDS life. The BCDS Times aims to provide relevant and exciting content important to BCDS students, parents and the community at large, hoping to be the voice for the BCDS community. School librarian Dora Salm is the faculty adviser. The opinions expressed in the Editorial/Opinion section, reviews, and any comments may not necessarily represent the opinions of Bi-Cultural Day School. Editorials are written by the editorial board, which consists of BCDS Times staff members.

2017-2018 Roving Reporters

IMG_7399Rebecka is a 7th grader at BDCS. She was born and lives in America. Rebecka likes to plays tennis and video games. Her favorite subject is art. She looks up to Brenden Urie, a YouTube personality. She loves pizza and has three siblings. Her favorite color is purple. Rebecka has never left the United States, and her favorite animal is the eagle.


Goldstein_Esther113Esther G. is a new student in 6th grade. She likes to read and enjoys going to her robotics club. Some of her favorite books are The Harry Potter series, The City of Ember, and the Who Was series. Her favorite food is mac and cheese and her favorite dessert is ice cream. Esther’s favorite sport is basketball. She has a younger sister who likes going to the library with Esther.


Kaplan_Sarah167Sarah K. is a 7th grader at BCDS and has been a student here since Pre-K. Her favorite subject is math. Sarah likes to play soccer and volleyball. In her free time, she likes to play tennis with her siblings. Sarah has one brother and one sister. Sarah’s favorite food is pasta and favorite dessert is ice-cream.


Cohen_Jenna68Jenna is a 7th grader at BCDS and has been coming here since kindergarten. Her favorite subject is English. She likes to do gymnastics and volleyball. In her free time, she likes to draw. Jenna has one sister. Jenna’s favorite food is sushi and her favorite dessert is chocolate lava cakes. Her favorite place to go Cape Cod, where she goes in the summer.


Jaffe-Berkowitz_Andrew156Andrew is a 7th grader at BCDS. Some of his hobbies are coding games and playing games. Andrew’s favorite subject is computers. He looks up to Tim Cook who is Apple’s CEO, and his favorite food is pizza. His favorite color is white and he has a big sister. He likes to play MLB The Show 17 and Madden 18. Andrew’s favorite animal is the dog. He is an independent thinker and spends most of the time coding games.

Kuhr_Isabella181Isabella is a student in the 7th grade. She was born in Jerusalem. Some of her hobbies include tennis, ice skating, baking, art, and ballroom dancing. Isabella’s favorite subjects are math and English. She likes to visit Russia, Bulgaria and Israel. She speaks Russian fluently. Isabella likes to read the Harry Potter Series. One of her favorite foods is sushi. Her favorite season is winter because her birthday falls in winter and Chanukah and New Year’s falls during winter as well.

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