6th Graders Unite on Field Trip

By Ella H.

When the bus arrived at the Isabella Freidman Retreat in the Connecticut Berkshires, everyone was so eager to get off the bus to find out who their roommates will be.

When we all got settled in, the Teva Educators told us a little about the Teva program, including how when we wasted anything like a piece of plastic it impacts the Earth in a negative way. The plastic can be left on the soil at the land fill for up to a thousand years and while it is very slowly decomposing the chemicals from that very piece of plastic that you threw away seeps into the ground and pullouts our clean water. Which partly because of all the non-decomposing waste that humans produce all living things need to share less than one percent of clean water.

Later that day after our stomachs were full of grilled cheese we meet our groups (each group had about 10 kids, two to three Teva Educators and one chaperone). With our groups we took a short hike around the beautiful lake while learning about some trees, plants (including jewel weed, and dandelion) and playing new games.

In my group our favorite game was called “camouflage,” a game similar to hide and seek. When the sun disappeared, our groups went on a night hike as we tested our eye sight in the dark. After we finished our night hike, the entire grade went down to the fire pit to end the long, but fun day with some s’mores and socializing.

We woke up to the cold Berkshire morning with a cup of warm hot chocolate. After we recited ed our morning prayer and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and potatoes, the grade once again split up and took a five-hour hike. This hike up 1,071 feet high mountain might seem intimidating, but really the hike was made mostly out of breaks. Not saying that we did not hike a lot, everyone did about two hours’ worth of hard hiking going up slippery rocks and dead trees. Eventually, each groups reached the overlook at their own pace. The overlook is a cliff that overlooks the beautiful Berkshires. While sitting on the uneven rock and eating our sandwiches, everyone was amazed at the sight of mountains covered in trees spotted with the many colors of autumn.

The lessons that we learned from this amazing trip will be unforgettable. Thank you to the amazing chaperons and the Teva educators who made this trip successful.

BCDS Players Begin Rehearsals for Spring Show

once-upon-a-mattressBy: Lilah S.

Once Upon a Mattress is a musical comedy based on the traditional fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. The show is about Prince Dauntless and how his mother, Queen Aggravain, will not allow him to marry until she finds him the “perfect” princess. That wouldn’t be so bad, if it weren’t for the fact that no one else in the kingdom is allowed to marry until the prince does. There is a subplot in which Sir Harry and Lady Larkin are secretly married, and Lady Larkin is pregnant. They need to get married in front of the Queen’s eyes before Larkin starts to show, so Sir Harry goes out to find a suitable princess. He comes back with Princess Winifred, the princess of the swamps. She is NOT your stereotypical princess. Dauntless falls head over heels about her, and to know what happens next, come see the show on March 2nd and 5th.

Main Parts:
Dauntless: Daniel J
Winifred: Lilah S
Queen: Rachel O
King: Evan G
Sir Harry: Avi G
Lady Larkin: Mira R
Minstrel: Drew L
Jester: Tess W
Wizard: Anna L
Director: Janice S
Musical Director: There is a new Musical Director his year, Assag G from Queens, N.Y. He is super excited to be working on the show this year.
Stage Manager: Josh S

Shofar Factory Visits BCDS

The Shofar Factory came to Stamford and met with all grades, providing insight and information on the process of shofar-making and what makes a shofar kosher. Rabbi Wilhem spoke with students and even gave a lesson on how to make your own shofar.

(All photos by Rose Sibboni)

BCDS Electives Begin

On Monday, September 12th, the new course of BCDS electives began. Middle-school students in grades 6th, 7th and 8th grades are allowed to take elective courses in the following areas: Spanish language study, preparing for the Israel Day Parade, Makerspace, strength and conditioning and the Ethics of Sports — and, of course, Newspaper Writing and Reporting. Stay tuned for upcoming articles, photos and lots of exciting news.

1st Annual Purim Costume Contest

purim_contest_jpeg (2)On Thursday, March 24th, the staff of the BCDS Times planned and executed the first-ever Purim Costume Contest for students in grades 4-8, which took place in the BCDS Library. The students in the newspaper elective planned the entire activity, using the app for iPhones and iPads, PhotoBooth and printing a photo strip using the school wireless printer.

More than 100 students participated in the first-ever event, costumes ran the gamut from college students to a Starbucks coffee cup. Winners were presented in the following categories: Most Creative, Best Purim-Related, Best Literary Costume, Best Celebrity/Pop Culture and Best Overall.

BCDS Makerspace Opens Up


The newly-designed Makerspace Lab. Photo by Mati F. 

Written By Aaron L. and Justin B.

The middle school was in the Old Chapel when Mrs. Herman officially opened up Makerspace on Thursday, February 25th, 2016. The whole school got to tour through Makerspace. The Makerspace was a beautiful room made from nothing but a storage room and two teachers with an amazing idea to help students. The Makerspace is a place where kids can create their own inventions and think independently.

Makerspace is decorated with glitter on the floor, and gears painted on the walls. There are many tables, a tool rack, and a 3D printer in the corner. Makerspace will have a lunch and learn program, where students eat lunch right outside the room, and then go in to do a chosen activity. The Makerspace lab has a variety of programs to choose from such as: build at tin robot, build a light saber, and 3D designing. This will help kids be creative and learn in a fun amazing way. The activities include: Tin Can Robot Design, Catapult Design, Light Saber Design, Float a Boat, Jewelry Design, Engineering Build Off Challenge, Marble Run, Ozobot, Sew Creative, Stickman Structure, and 3D Doodler Design.

“Wizard of Oz” Rehearsals Underway


Mr. Cahr leads the cast of the “Wizard of Oz” in rehearsal. Photo by Wendy L.

By Wendy L.

Bi-Cultural is putting on the play ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ this year. It will take place in the school gym on Tuesday, March 29th, Thursday, March 31st, and Sunday, April 3rd. Play practice is a fun and classic after school activity.

There is a new exciting event happening in play practice. Mira Rosovsky plays Dorothy Gale. Mira is a young middle schooler getting the lead role. Most of the time the lead role is reserved for at least a 7th or 8th grader. Not just Mira is scoring a lead role.

One 6th grader, Avi Gordon, is playing the male lead of Scarecrow. This comes as less of a shock because Avi managed to get the staring role of Peter Pan in last year’s ‘Peter Pan’ as just a 5th grader. Avi was a shoe-in. Despite his age he is funny, clumsy, and likeable in real life. Mira is also perfect for the part. Her mom was also Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Mira says, “I’m happy to continue the tradition.”


Summer Reading Fun

super_librarianWith summer right around the corner, don’t forget about Bi-Cultural’s full summer reading program. For the first time in several years, BCDS students in grades three through eighth are required to read at least one book over the summer. Each book selection is meant to ensure that literacy proceeds well into the summer. Here are the summer reading requirements.

  • Grade 1: Read anything and everything — reading is especially fun with a parent or grandparent!
  • Grade 2: Read anything and everything — reading is especially fun with a parent or grandparent!
  • Grade 3: Choose one of these two books and create a circle map about the book: Who Was Sacagawea by Judith Bloom Fradlin or Who Was Sitting Bull? by Stephanie Spinner.
  • Grade 4: Choose one of these two books: Fourth Grade Rats by Jerry Spinelli or Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.
  • Grade 5: Rules by Cynthia Lord and a free choice book.
  • Grade 6: Blubber by Judy Blume and a free choice book.
  • Grade 7: The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and a free choice book.
  • Grade 8: The Chosen by Chaim Hinton and two free choice books.

As an added incentive, don’t forget to take a selfie with a book that you’ve read (free choice) and email it to Mrs. Salm at dsalm@bcds.org for a prize!

Happy reading, everyone!

Happy Summer


PicCollage by Danya T., Georgia B., Carly F. and Naomi F.

Our staff photographers wanted to capture the idea of summer visually through the art of photography. They traveled throughout the school with their cameras and took many pictures that conveyed the meaning of summer to them. The sixth graders then created a collage using the free app of PicCollage on their iPhones. The end result is a beautiful piece of artwork. Creaticity right at your fingertips.

Note: Can you guess which picture is not like the others?