The BCDS Players Pea-Senting the Newest Show: Once Upon A Mattress

Come see the talented and awesome BCDS actors and actresses perform in the interesting and very funny BCDS school play called: Once Upon A Mattress. On March 2 and March 5 TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE AT The students have been learning and practicing their lines, dances, songs, and staging since September. Some characters in the play are a strong princess, a dopey prince, an overprotective queen and a mute king. Rachel Offir who plays the queen says that she has been learning her lines in the strategy to read some and then try to memorize it and then keep on going. Anna Lichtenberg who plays the wizard says that she easily got to know people better through the play more than anything else in BCDS through the years.

Right to Dream Performs for Middle School


Brian Simmons of the Living Voices organization performs the Right to Dream program. (Photo by Jerrilyn Sibboni)

On Tuesday, February 7th, Brian Simmons of the Living Voices Program performed the Right to Dream program for the entire middle school department. The program
recreated a student’s coming of age as an African American in Mississippi during the 1950’s and 1960’s, shedding light on the issues of civil rights, leading audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped United States history. Using original film footage, historical photographs and the actor’s interpretation, the portrayal struck a deep chord with the students.

School Flu Cases on the Rise

By Justin B.

There has been a minor stomach bug going around Stamford. BCDS, as well as other schools in the Stamford area, has been affected by this. The first sign of this virus at BCDS was during the 7th grade Shabbaton where three students has stomach issues right before the Shabbaton ended. The following Monday, a few students were absent because of the virus. More and more students were getting infected until about 2 weeks later when the virus left the school. The virus, however, is still in other schools.

Officer Ostroff Visits BCDS

On Monday, January 30th, BCDS parents and Sgt. First Class Larry Ostroff, 990th Engineer Company, visited the school, speaking to the 6th, 7th and 8th grade classes. Ostroff was recently been deployed on a tour of duty in the Middle East and visited the students prior to his deployment, providing them with an opportunity to ask him about his experience as a military officer and member of the armed forces.

The Chesed Squad is Back in Town

By Yoni S.

Bi-Cultural Day School has taken Chesed (good deeds) very seriously and this year is no exception. Chanukah is coming soon and for most of us, we think of presents, no homework, lots of gelt (chocolate coins), and family time.

Yet, sadly, not everyone has that opportunity. Some people don’t have the luxuries that we have or a strong support system of family and friends. They don’t have the opportunity to exchange presents or enjoy special family time. Luckily, there is an amazing organization out there called Ohel a social services organization which takes in kids who don’t have a functioning family or even a family at all.

At Bi-Cultural, we are contributing to this organization. We’re raising money to give those kids presents. So, remember bring in a dollar or two to your teacher to contribute to this amazing organization. Also, we in BCDS are very lucky to be healthy, but many children are very sick and are spending their holidays in Stamford Hospital. So, at BCDS we are also collecting unopened presents for the children in the hospital. There will be boxes around the school for presents so please put them in there. Please join us in supporting these two worthy organizations.

Happy Thanksgiving from the BCDS Times

7thriv-blogspot-com-turkey-reading-newspaper1The Staff of the BCDS Times wishes all our readers a happy and healthy Thanksgiving — whether you’re having a big, traditional turkey meal with all the fixings, a tofu turkey or a large pizza, make it fun and celebrate with your family and friends — we all have so much to be thankful for!

#TheMannequinChallenge: BCDS Times Style

The news never stops — but our staff took a break from their busy writing and reporting to try their hand at making their own #TheMannequinChallenge — it only took three takes — check out the results!

8th Graders Elect to Help


A visitor from the Friendship Circle (in the middle) plays with two 8th grade students on the playground. (Photo by Lilah S.)

By Rose Sibboni


On Tuesday, November 9th, when the entire country was voting in the Presidential and General Elections, the 8th graders elected to help many young people from Friendship Circle have a day of fun and activities at BCDS. A group of 10 (5 girls and 5 boys) kids joined the 8th graders for the day and they got the chance to play a bunch of games, visit with small animals and play outside on the playground. All of the young people visiting the school had one thing in common that day: they were all smiling and having fun. There will be another Friendship Circle Day at Bi-Cultural on Wednesday, November 16th, 2016.

Student Council to Hold Mock Election


Principal Mrs. Herman votes in the BCDS Mock Election on Tuesday, November 8th.

By Yoni S.

Tomorrow, Tuesday November 8th, the country decides who will lead the country for the next four years. This process is only for people above 18, but at BCDS there will be a mock election for everyone. Pre-K through 8th will get an opportunity to cast their vote thanks to the BCDS Student Council and Mrs. Robinson. The process will be simple; students will enter the multi-purpose room and vote electronically, where there will be a choice of the main candidates.

The room will be decorated and also have tons of fun games. After the votes are tallied, the winner will be announced per grade and then the entire school. The results will be announced soon so check in later!

6th Graders Unite on Field Trip

By Ella H.

When the bus arrived at the Isabella Freidman Retreat in the Connecticut Berkshires, everyone was so eager to get off the bus to find out who their roommates will be.

When we all got settled in, the Teva Educators told us a little about the Teva program, including how when we wasted anything like a piece of plastic it impacts the Earth in a negative way. The plastic can be left on the soil at the land fill for up to a thousand years and while it is very slowly decomposing the chemicals from that very piece of plastic that you threw away seeps into the ground and pullouts our clean water. Which partly because of all the non-decomposing waste that humans produce all living things need to share less than one percent of clean water.

Later that day after our stomachs were full of grilled cheese we meet our groups (each group had about 10 kids, two to three Teva Educators and one chaperone). With our groups we took a short hike around the beautiful lake while learning about some trees, plants (including jewel weed, and dandelion) and playing new games.

In my group our favorite game was called “camouflage,” a game similar to hide and seek. When the sun disappeared, our groups went on a night hike as we tested our eye sight in the dark. After we finished our night hike, the entire grade went down to the fire pit to end the long, but fun day with some s’mores and socializing.

We woke up to the cold Berkshire morning with a cup of warm hot chocolate. After we recited ed our morning prayer and had a breakfast of scrambled eggs and potatoes, the grade once again split up and took a five-hour hike. This hike up 1,071 feet high mountain might seem intimidating, but really the hike was made mostly out of breaks. Not saying that we did not hike a lot, everyone did about two hours’ worth of hard hiking going up slippery rocks and dead trees. Eventually, each groups reached the overlook at their own pace. The overlook is a cliff that overlooks the beautiful Berkshires. While sitting on the uneven rock and eating our sandwiches, everyone was amazed at the sight of mountains covered in trees spotted with the many colors of autumn.

The lessons that we learned from this amazing trip will be unforgettable. Thank you to the amazing chaperons and the Teva educators who made this trip successful.